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About Nexus HealthSpan

At Nexus HealthSpan in Lake Forest, California, Zachary Lott, MSN, ARNP, AGACNP-BC, and his team offer a unique approach to better health using a personalized and patient-focused method that emphasizes whole-body wellness with a goal to have one's HealthSpan match their lifespan. They treat the person, not just the condition.

The team spends the time to get to know each client, forming strong connections that lay the groundwork for success. Their holistic approach combines traditional medicine with cutting-edge treatment modalities to better serve each person’s unique needs. 

The Nexus HealthSpan mission is to empower you to do the things that inspire you in life. 

The Nexus HealthSpan Team focuses on vascular health and cardiovascular disease prevention, bioidentical homone replacement therapy (BHRT), lipidology, and men's sexual health. Through personalized care, the Nexus team helps patients prevent heart attacks, strokes, and other serious health threats, while improving each individual's health and other areas of concern.

Common men’s health problems, like low testosterone and erectile dysfunction, usually stem from a greater vascular health issue, which led Mr. Lott to create a customized holistic treatment plans for men with these problems. Some popular treatments available at Nexus include extracorpeal focused shockwave therapy (ESWT), testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), and the Priapus Shot®, or P-Shot®.

Because male clients saw tremendous improvements in their health and sexual wellness through these treatments, The Nexus team started to wonder whether the holistic approach could help their female partners who struggled with sexual and whole-body health. 

This led Mr. Lott to develop evidence-informed personalized treatment plans for adult women with menopause symptoms like low libido, hot flashes, and mood swings. Many women have also come to Nexus HealthSpan for help with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), presmenstual syndrome (PMS), polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and other women’s health concerns focusing not only on hormone health, but for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. 

Clients report significant improvements in bodywide health, including better mood, more energy, improved brain function, stronger immunity, and improved sexual health.

To better manage all of the underlying factors that can lead to poor health and improve all aspects of wellness, call Nexus HealthSpan, or click on the provided link to arrange for a consultation.


To Empower People to Do What Inspires Them in Life.

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The superior provider prevents disease. The mediocre provider attends to impending disease. The inferior provider treats actual disease.” -Adopted from an ancient Chinese proverb. "Take Control" Button that leads to scheduling








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Zachary D. Lott, MSN, ARNP, AGACNP-BC

Zachary Lott, MSN, ARNP, AGACNP-BC

Nexus HealthSpan
Barbrara Levy, MD, FACOG, FACS

Barbrara Levy, MD, FACOG, FACS

Why You Should Have the CIMT Test

There is a simple ultrasound test that can be performed, which research has demonstrated to predict 98.6% of future adverse cardiovascular events.

Nexus Metabolic Health Protocol

Diet and lifestyle modification is the foundation of most medical guideline’s first-line intervention and should be a foundation of disease prevention and modification.


Words from our patients

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    "I HIGHLY recommend you let Nexus help you if you are struggling due to hormone imbalance! Thank you again Zach!"

    Matthew J.
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    "OUTSTANDING is the best word I can use to describe Zack‘s attention to MY medical needs. His personal concern for my welfare goes way beyond whatever I have experienced"

    Joe L.
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    "Great service professionals that always focus on great communication and even better treatment approaches. Zach is changing the world one patient at a time!"

    Ash D.


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